TapeTech QuickBox QSX

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March "Mini Box" Madness Sale!

The new QuickBox® QSX from TapeTech is the first finishing box specifically designed to be used with fast-setting joint compounds. The streamlined design of the QuickBox® allows for easy cleaning – there are no small areas for compound to hide! And even if you allow the fast-setting compound to dry, a couple of taps on the box and the compound falls out. 

The tool-less blade change system is patented and allows for quick replacement or profile changes. Constructed from advanced space age materials, fast-setting joint compound is easily removed from the finishing box, even hours or days later. The compound literally falls out of the QuickBox® QSX with a few light taps.

The glass-filled polypropylene shell provides a slick surface with maximum strength and durability. The optimized blade design matches the blade with the application, eliminating the need to make adjustments or change crown settings. And it takes just a few seconds to change the long-lasting blades.

QuickBox® QSX works with all finishing box handles, including the Wizard®. Now you can combine the speed and consistency of finishing boxes with the speed of fast-setting joint compound!

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