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Use this LEVEL Drywall Compound Tube for applying joint compound to flat joints and corner seams. It features an outstanding capacity, transparent chamber and unique D-Handle composite grip. Three different nozzle attachments are included with each purchase.
Can Am Compound Tubes Can Am Compound Tubes
24" 32" 42" 60"
24" 32" 42" 60"

CanAm’s famous applicator tubes now featuring a steel applicator tip! This applicator tip has been thoughtfully designed with a wider opening than the traditional applicator ball. This makes it quicker and easier to fill the tube and therefore reduces shoulder strain. 

The applicator tubes also feature a unique twist-and-pull end cap design for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The applicator tube applies air-drying or quick-setting joint compound through Applicator Heads and Direct Corner Finishers. This tool provides a smooth, accurate, and even flow of mud for taping, finishing interior angles, flats, and in the application of corner bead.

CanAm’s anodized seamless aluminum Compound Applicator Tubes are designed for rugged performance, professional use, quick disassembly, easy cleanup, and extended service life.

Columbia Compound Tubes
24" 32" 42" 55"
24" 32" 42" 55"

Columbia Compound Tubes have taken the market place by storm. Finally a high quality long lasting tube that is easy to push. 

  • Sizes 24", 32", 42", and 55" available
  • A combination of factors result in the compound being easily pushed through your tools
  • Stainless steel ball
  • Hand made from U.S. aluminum and steel components
  • Machined in Columbia's state of the art facility in Canada
TapePro Compound Tubes TapePro Compound Tubes
36" 42"
36" 42"


The Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube is a robust and simple multi purpose tool.
It can be fitted with the Applicator Head (AH-38) for dispensing ribbons of joint compound to both sides and apex of internal angle joints, horizontal or vertical, prior to applying paper tape by hand.
The Outside Applicator Head (OAH) can be fitted for use on external angles – perfect for fitting Trim-Tex Mud Set Bead!
It can also be fitted with the 75mm Corner Glazer, or the 65, 75 and 90mm Corner Finishers (CF-65, 75, 90; CFP-75) for finishing internal corner joints, the Cornice Head range, the FAN Flat Applicator Nozzle, AIA Manta-Ray and the FTA Flat Tear-way Applicator.
Available in 900mm (36″) nominal length (CA-T) and 600mm (24″), (CA-T24).

  • Robust aluminium main tube, powder coated for durability
  • Piston head features two lip seals for positive sealing
  • High flow nozzle made from acetal with a stainless steel ball
  • Quick release nozzle and piston rod for easy cleaning
  • O Ring seal behind the nozzle
Better Than Ever Compound Tubes
24" 42" 20"
24" 42" 20"


  • Lightweight Aluminum Tube & Plunger Rod
  • Self-lubricating plunger bushing for easy push throughout its life
  • Long lasting billet PVC nose cone
  • Includes strong and durable aluminum implement ball for flushers and applicators (large)
  • Includes strong and durable aluminum implement ball for angle heads/corner finishers (small)
TapeTech Compound Tubes TapeTech Compound Tubes
24" 36" 42"
24" 36" 42"
TapeTech Compound Tubes supply joint compound to Corner Flushers for finishing inside corners. Also attaches to TapeTech Applicator Heads for applying corner bead to internal and external corners. Available in three sizes, the Compound Tubes disassemble for easy cleaning.
$1,099.00 $1,299.00
  • No twisting or trigger for activation, simply depress the nozzle to initiate flow by applying light force against the tool while it is on the wall
  • High gauge but lightweight aluminum handle tube that has been hard-coat anodized for extreme durability and easy cleaning, rubber handle sleeve for added comfort, stainless steel, precision machined female connection for adding optional handle extensions
  • Oversized clear polycarbonate compound chamber that provides outstanding capacity for less trips back to the pump, premium quality urethane seal
  • Extra strong gas cylinder provides 82 lbs. of pressure: enabling the use of thicker compounds and better flow, while still being easy to fill
  • Stainless steel ball end is compatible with the corner finishing attachments of most leading manufacturers
  • Spring loaded filler mechanism fits all pump filler nozzles
  • Quick release latches for easy disassembly and cleaning
  • Simple design for reliability and easy repair
  • Guaranteed tough DEWALT automatic drywall tools are backed by a 10-year manufacturer's limited warranty
The DEWALT Mud Shot 18 handle extension is used to provide additional reach for the Mud Shot gas-pressurized compound applicator tube. The handle extension features a sturdy, high gauge aluminum handle tube that has been hard-coat anodized for extreme durability and easy cleanup. Male and female precision machined fittings at either end of the handle provides a high tolerance fit so there is no wobble. Handle extensions can be combined to provide required reach.
  • Built using high gauge but lightweight aluminum for outstanding strength
  • High tolerance, precision machined male and female fittings provide a perfect fit with no handle wobble
  • Rubber handle sleeve for added comfort
  • Guaranteed tough DEWALT automatic drywall tools are backed by a 10-year limited warranty
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