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Adjustable gates on both sides of the box control mud flow and help limit any leakage. Polypropylene box resists dents. Teflon Base allows tape to slide smoothly without snags and tears. Tape holder makes pulling and changing of tape rolls quick and easy.
Polypropylene box mounted to durable, powder coated metal frame that allows for it to be filled and hung on unfinished walls. Adjustable gates on both sides to control mud flow. Tape holder reel allows you to coat two rolls of joint tape at the same time.
SHEETROCK Tools Professional Corner Bead Hopper is designed with 1-piece gate construction, integrated gate storage and reversible tray for inside and outside corners. The outside 90° gate is suitable for use on any thickness of wallboard. The bullnose gate installs easily to form a smooth rounded outside corner. The 3/4 in. radius can be used for 1/2 in. or 5/8 in. drywall.
  • Side and top handles allow for easy transportation
  • Hinged lid protects joint compound from jobsite debris
  • 1-piece gate design allows for quick adjustments
  • 4.5 Gal. capacity
Used to install cornerbeads only. Hopper saves compound and reduces mess. Can be used for vinyl and paper/metal bullnose, regular 90° and splayed versions of each type of corner. Made of rugged polypropylene that resists dents.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle anywhere on the jobsite, perfect for small rooms
  • Portable size fits on any 5-gallon bucket, requires no extra equipment
  • Simple heavy duty aluminum construction without wearable parts to eliminate downtime
  • Can be used by multiple people at once to speed up the job
  • Takes no training, even beginners can tape right away!

The Tapepro Mud Box® Pro is an innovative improvement on the original model, the WMB-L Mud Box.

This tool fills the void between an automatic taper and a banjo, but has the functional features of the automatic taper.
The easiest taping tool to learn to use and also the easiest to clean, the Mud Box® Pro simultaneously applies paper tape and joint compound to flat and internal angle joints.
It can be used with 75 or 150m rolls of paper tape and can be used with chemical setting compounds.

  • Separate creaser wheel/cutter, each operated by rear controls
  • Cut tape by pulling a handle – no need to take the tape wheel off the wall
  • Feed roller allows you to continue taping after cut-off
  • Longer tape arms for increased reach
  • New tape spool spring design to prevent bending
  • Same simple mud bath operation
  • Simple and robust design

The latest update features the same polycarbonate body as the updated WMB-L model, main features are:

  • 0.5kg weight saving
  • Clear section on side plates to see compound level
  • Cable sleeves to protect cables and reduce exposure to compound, and to allow a reduction of arm length/weight
  • Bracing in lid for side plate rigidity
  • Better lid sealing along top side plate edge

Benefits over Banjo: Larger capacity, larger tape wheel, crease and cut tape, more reach.
Benefits over auto taper: Less parts, can fill by hand, easy to clean, no dry tape, can control mud flow.

$179.95 $229.00

The Zünder® has revolutionised taping.

Zünder® features the doubled ended Delko® applicator which allows for simultaneous application of compound and joint tape on flat joints, internals corners and square sets in minutes – eliminating messy and time consuming adjustments.

It has been meticulously designed by a professional for drywall professionals around the world.

The Delko Plastic Taping Tool and Internal Corner Attachment Package enables contractors to finish flat joints, internal corners and square set with one taping tool. The package includes the Delko Plastic Taping Tool and the Delko Internal Applicator Attachment.
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