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The Semi-Automatic Taper or “Bucket Taper” allows users to apply a specific amount of compound to a large volume of tape. It has a tape spool with brake to cut down on operator fatigue. Columbia’s semi automatic taper is easy to use, durable and has laser engraved instruction on the door.


  • Tape spool with brake to control tape dispensing
  • Hand made from U.S. billet aluminum and steel components
  • Machined in our state of the art facility in Canada

$139.99 $179.00
Tape Puller dispenses the correct amount of compound to joint tape for quick and easy application. Attach Tape Puller to a 5 gallon bucket. Reduces work time with little clean-up involved.
$179.95 $229.00

The Zünder® has revolutionised taping.

Zünder® features the doubled ended Delko® applicator which allows for simultaneous application of compound and joint tape on flat joints, internals corners and square sets in minutes – eliminating messy and time consuming adjustments.

It has been meticulously designed by a professional for drywall professionals around the world.

The Delko Plastic Taping Tool and Internal Corner Attachment Package enables contractors to finish flat joints, internal corners and square set with one taping tool. The package includes the Delko Plastic Taping Tool and the Delko Internal Applicator Attachment.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle anywhere on the jobsite, perfect for small rooms
  • Portable size fits on any 5-gallon bucket, requires no extra equipment
  • Simple heavy duty aluminum construction without wearable parts to eliminate downtime
  • Can be used by multiple people at once to speed up the job
  • Takes no training, even beginners can tape right away!
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