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  • Aluminum/Fiber Glass composite handle
  • Adjustable from 4 1/2′ to 7 3/4′
  • The handle comes with an attachment device that locks onto the Edge Blade handle and is tilt adjustable so the angle of use can bet set to the user’s preference

Finishing blade sold separately.


LEVEL5 Skimming Blades feature an extruded aluminum housing that is easily affixed to LEVEL5's range of specialized skimming blade handles. Simply connect your skimming blade to a handle using this skimming blade handle adapter to get that extra versatility needed to finish high walls & ceilings. Attaching a handle to your skimming blade can also significantly increase your finishing speed as well as reduce strain on your wrists and back.

The LEVEL5 skimming blade handle adapter is manufactured using a lightweight but highly resilient glass-filled composite material for long lasting durability. LEVEL5 skimming blade handles snap into place via two buttons on the handle to ensure a tight fit that won't wobble or unscrew during use. A thumb screw on the handle adapter allows LEVEL5 Skimming Blades to be fixed securely at a wide range of angles.


  • Quick-release handle adapter design allows for on-the-fly changes between different handle lengths without compromising rigidity.
  • Each adapter also features two quick release tabs on the top of the handle adapter; when these tabs are pulled up, the handle adapter pops off the aluminum skimming blade housing.
  • Constructed from highly resilient, glass-filled composite for long lasting durability.
  • Attaches to one of three LEVEL5 skimming blade extension handles (Short, Medium & Long).
  • Both the handle adapter and LEVEL5 skimming blade housings have centering lines. This enables these components to be easily aligned for a perfect balance and even blade pressure.

Level 5 Skimming Blade Extendable Handles Level 5 Skimming Blade Extendable Handles
21"-32" 37"-63" 48"-87"
21"-32" 37"-63" 48"-87"

Manufactured using premium fiberglass, aluminum, and high impact ABS composite, LEVEL5 Skimming Blade Extension Handles are extremely lightweight yet rigid and robust.


  • Unique snap-in attachment to prevent rotation under pressure during use.
  • Manufactured using fiberglass and aluminum.
  • Lightweight but more rigid and robust than competitive handles.
  • Rubber grip on the bottom for comfort.

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Skimming blade handle adapters are used to connect the skimming blade extendable handles to the skimming blade. DEWALT skimming blade handle adapters are constructed out of a highly resilient, glass-filled composite for long lasting durability. Each DEWALT skimming blade handle adapter is equipped with a quick-release design that allows for rapid changes between different handle lengths without compromising rigidity.

Designed for daily use on the jobsite, DEWALT skimming blades feature a precision blade constructed of european stainless-steel for superior strength and durability. Their patent-pending extruded aluminum blade-back provides unparalleled strength and rigidity without compromising the weight and dexterity of the tool. Unlike the competition, DEWALT skimming blades have integrated a rounded front edge that keeps their blade corners from dragging and gouging drywall compound when in use. Their high-impact, glass-filled composite end caps are easily removed for on-the-go blade replacement.

Designed and built for industry professionals, our skimming blades are Guaranteed Tough®. They are backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry as well as DEWALT’s nationwide service network.


  • Used to attach one of three extendable handles to DEWALT skimming blades.

  • High strength glass-filled composite for increased durability.

  • Adjustment screw allows for any handle angle

  • Quick release tabs for rapid handle changes.


DeWALT Skimming Blade Extendable Handles
19"-31" 35"-63" 47"-87"
19"-31" 35"-63" 47"-87"

The Extendable Drywall Skimming Blade Handle is made out of fiberglass and aluminum to be both durable and lightweight. The handle features a snap-in attachment that will remain in the desired position even under pressure.

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Please note: an adapter is needed to attach the skimming blades onto these extendable handles.

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