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TapePro Nail Spotters W/ Fixed Handle (In-Store Only) TapePro Nail Spotters W/ Fixed Handle (In-Store Only)
2" 3"
2" 3"

*In Stock, Available IN-STORE only.

Please call to place an order or come into the store.

The Tapepro Drywall Tools Nail Spotters are built for speed and comfort. Advanced design features include wheels located inside the blade width. The industry leading Tapepro Nail Spotters are designed to fill nail and screw indentations, allowing quick application over multiple nail lines.
The Nail Spotters feature the Tapepro distinctive peened method of construction for superior rigidity. The pressure plate is mounted on an axle which runs on nylon bearings, providing the smoothest and most accurate operation.

  • Superior peened construction
  • Axle mounted pressure plate for the smoothest operation
  • Adjustable interlock handle position
  • Larger 1-1/8″ tube for reduced fatigue and ultimate comfort
  • Wheels on a fixed axle for smooth gliding
  • Kick plate for quick positioning on walls
  • Easy opening door for quick cleaning
Columbia Nail Spotters Columbia Nail Spotters
2" 3"
2" 3"

The Columbia Nailspotter is a big improvement in screw finishing. It has the option of having wheels or the traditional skid plate. It is light weight and has an easy to adjust thumb screw for swivel tension. By far the best Nailspotter on the market .


  • Available in 2" and 3" sizes
  • Hand made from U.S. billet aluminum and steel components
  • Machined in Columbia's state of the art facility in Canada
TapeTech EasyClean™ Nail Spotters TapeTech EasyClean™ Nail Spotters
2" 3"
2" 3"
The TapeTech EasyClean™ Nail Spotter is used to fill the depressions left from the nails or screw heads during installation of the drywall. The Nail Spotter features an easy clean box design that removes excess compound at the same time as filling the depressions. The hardened steel skid plate allows the Nail Spotter to move along the wall smoothly while protecting the stainless steel blade from nail or screw heads that were not fully set below the surface of the drywall. The HN fiberglass handle is available separately.
  • Fills depressions caused by nail or screw heads in drywall
  • Removes excess joint compound after filling dimples
Available in 2" & 3"
Level 5 Nail Spotters Level 5 Nail Spotters
2" 3"
2" 3"

This LEVEL5 drywall nail spotter helps speed up finishing jobs by reducing the time it takes to coat nail & screw holes with drywall joint compound. Easy to operate and use, it also reduces the need for intensive sanding after coverage versus coating by hand.


  • Cover nail and screw spots in one quick pass
  • Robust design makes operation and cleaning easy
  • Improves quality of finish
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Lightweight and mobile build
  • Wiper seal made of premium urethane
  • High carbon blades last longer and provide precise coating

Available in 2" & 3"

Drywall Master Nail Spotter Skid Plate (With Handle) Drywall Master Nail Spotter Skid Plate (With Handle)
2" 3"
2" 3"
Drywall Master Taping Tools Skid Nailspotter quickly fills nail and screw heads for efficient drywall finishing. Drywall Master nail spotter with skid plate has updated gasket system for clean operation and long service life. Precisely machined hardened carbide steel blade provides high quality finish and exceptional wear life. Traditional skid plate is both a screw detector, which helps prevent blade damage and a pivot point to follow the drywall surface Drywall Master skid style nailspotter saves finishing time while providing a high quality finish, covering nail and screw heads far more quickly than coating by hand. Hardened carbide steel blade produces smoothly feathered mud coat over screw and nail dimples in sheetrock. 3’ fiberglass handle enables spotting ceilings without the use of stilts or ladder.
  • Corrosion proof stainless steel body for reliable operation and long service life.
  • Leakless updated gasket system is resistant to expansion or weathering for smoothest possible operation.
  • 2″ Nail spotter is an excellent choice for finishers using a single spotter system.
  • Pressure door opens quickly for easy cleanup.
  • 3′ fiberglass handle included
  • Made in USA
  • 5-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
TapeTech Nail Spotters TapeTech Nail Spotters
2" 3"
$395.00 $495.00
2" 3"
2" & 3" Nail Spotters from Tape Tech Tools.  Helps coat your screw and nail holes without a knife and pan.
On Sale for a limited time only.
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