Asgard 3" Nail Spotter

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The Asgard® Nail Spotter is used to fill the depressions left from the nails or screw heads during installation of the drywall. The Nail Spotter features an easy clean box design that removes excess compound at the same time as filling the depressions. The hardened steel skid plate allows the Nail Spotter to move along the wall smoothly while protecting the stainless steel blade from nail or screw heads that were not fully set below the surface of the drywall. The NS01-AD Nail Spotter attaches to the XH-AD extension handle or FH-AD fiberglass handle (sold separately). The Nail Spotter is also used to quickly identify fasteners that were not properly set during the installation of the gypsum board. Before starting to apply joint tape, run the Nail Spotter over all the fasteners (walls and ceilings). If you hear a “click”, the fastener should be set deeper to avoid damage to the other tools. You can also use the Nail Spotter to apply joint compound to the outside edges of internal corners. This is a quick and efficient way to clean up any edges that may have been left by the Angle Heads due to corners that are slightly out of square.

  • Fills depressions left from the heads of nails or screws in drywall
  • Removes excess joint compound after filling dimples
  • Quickly identifies improperly set fasteners

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