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The TapeTech "GoldFinger" Semi-Automatic Kit includes:

  • 42" Compound Tube
  • 2.5", 3", & 3.5" Flusher
  • Inside Applicator
  • Outside Applicator
  • Extendable Utility Handle
  • Inside Corner Roller
  • Angle Head Adapter
  • Better Than Ever Super Taper
  • Flambeau Double Size Carrying Case
TapeTech Drive Dog Assembly #215 replaces the drive dog in TapeTech 04TT and 05TT Automatic Tapers.


  • 1-Drive Dog Spring - 050115F
  • 1- Shaft - 052121F
  • 1-Drive Dog Assembly - 054116F
  • 1-Drive Dog Holder - 054118F
  • 1-Drive Dog Axle - 059120

The Asgard® CA08-AD Corner Applicator supplies joint compound to the Angle Heads for fast and efficient finishing of internal corners (angles). The CA08-AD Corner Applicator features a stainless steel cone and a D-Shaped adapter to prevent rotation. Use with the FH-AD or XH-AD Support Handle – not included.

  • Finishes internal corners (with Angle Heads)
    Asgard Angle Heads Asgard Angle Heads
    2.5" 3" 3.5"
    2.5" 3" 3.5"

    The Asgard® Adjustable Angle Head is used to perfectly feather the joint compound applied to both sides of internal corners in one pass. The Angle Head can be used for wall-to-wall internal corners or wall-to-ceiling corners. The “adjustable” feature of this tool refers to the ability to control the amount of spring pressure by engaging or disengaging one set of tension springs on the back of the angle head. Angle Heads, also referred to as Angle Finishers or Corner Finishers, are attached to the CA08-AD corner applicator to quickly and professionally finish internal drywall corners. The 3” Asgard Angle Head has wheels to provide the smoothest action on the wall and are spring loaded to help compensate for slightly imperfect corners. The Angle Head is also used as part of the Taping process when attached to the FH-AD or XH-AD support handles with the CFA-AD adapter.

    • Embeds joint tape in internal corners of walls and ceilings
    • Finishes internal corners of walls and ceilings
    • Wipes down excess joint compound in internal corners

    The TapeTech "Biggie" Set With Padded Tool Case includes:

    • Carbon Fiber EasyClean Automatic Taper
    • EasyClean Loading Pump
    • Gooseneck Adapter
    • Filler Adapter
    • Inside Corner Roller
    • 10" & 12" EasyClean Flat Boxes
    • Corner Finisher Adapter
    • 8" Corner Box
    • (2) Extension Handles
    • Extendable Flat Box Handle
    • 2.5" Angle Head
    • 3" EasyRoll Adjustable Angle Head
    • TapeTech Padded Tool Case
    TapeTech QuickBox QSX TapeTech QuickBox QSX
    6.5" 8.5"
    6.5" 8.5"

    The new QuickBox® QSX from TapeTech is the first finishing box specifically designed to be used with fast-setting joint compounds. The streamlined design of the QuickBox® allows for easy cleaning – there are no small areas for compound to hide! And even if you allow the fast-setting compound to dry, a couple of taps on the box and the compound falls out. 

    The tool-less blade change system is patented and allows for quick replacement or profile changes. Constructed from advanced space age materials, fast-setting joint compound is easily removed from the finishing box, even hours or days later. The compound literally falls out of the QuickBox® QSX with a few light taps.

    The glass-filled polypropylene shell provides a slick surface with maximum strength and durability. The optimized blade design matches the blade with the application, eliminating the need to make adjustments or change crown settings. And it takes just a few seconds to change the long-lasting blades.

    QuickBox® QSX works with all finishing box handles, including the Wizard®. Now you can combine the speed and consistency of finishing boxes with the speed of fast-setting joint compound!

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