Asgard Loading Pump

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The Asgard® Loading Pump combines reliability with innovation. It is used together with the GN01-TT Gooseneck and FA01-AD Filler Adapter to fill the Automatic Taper, Finishing Boxes, Corner Applicator and Nail Spotter with joint compound. The LP01-AD features the slim tube design preferred by professional finishers and robust construction for dependable performance and long life. The twist-lock foot valve provides secure attachment and easy removal for cleaning and maintenance. Unlike loading pumps from other brands the Asgard LP01-AD does not require a paper gasket for the filler adapter or gooseneck due to an innovative, integrated O-Ring that provides a terrific seal with fewer headaches from lost, worn or damaged paper gaskets.

  • Fills Automatic Tapers (with GN01-TT Gooseneck)
  • Fills finishing boxes, corner applicator and nail spotter (with FA01-AD filler adapter)

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