Asgard "God of Thunder" Taping Set + Exclusive Bonus Shirt! (Limited Quantities)

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You've got something about you
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Taper of the Trade
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Until quantities last, get a God of Thunder T-shirt with your purchase of the God of Thunder Set. *Kits will ship out right away, shirts will ship once they arrive (about 3-4 weeks)* Limited quantity available !

The Asgard "God of Thunder" Taping Set has all your taping essentials perfect for the "God of Taping"! This set includes:

  • Asgard "The Hammer" Automatic Taper
  • Mud Pump With Filler Adapter
  • Gooseneck
  • 10" & 12" Flat Box
  • Brakeless Extendable Flat Box Handle
  • 2.5" & 3" Angle Head
  • 8" Corner Box With Handle
  • Inside Corner Roller
  • 2ea Extendable Support Handle
  • Angle Head Adapter
  • *Limited Quantities: Bonus God of Thunder Tshirt, only 2 in stock, Extra-Large*

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