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Circle Brand Handle & Flusher Kits
Choose between a regular handle or an extendable handle and get a 2" or 3" Flusher & Ball Head for a super low price!
Drywall Master Hero Extendable Accessory Handles

Designed to work with all of our accessory tools from corner applicator, corner finisher, corner roller, and nail spotter. Available in a variety of styles to suit your preference.

  • Lightweight 1-1/4″ tubing design. Thicker than competitor brands, reducing flex when extended.
  • Extends from 38″ to 60″
  • Available for Corner Applicator, Corner Finisher, Corner Roller, and Nail Spotter
The AdjuStar™ Extendable Flat Box Handle adjusts from 40 to 62 inches and is lightweight at only 3 pounds.  Fits all major brands of flat boxes.
  • Anodized aluminum handle;
  • Hard anodized inner tube (profile tube);
  • Ergonomically designed hand grips for comfortable use;
  • Extends from 40” to 62” creating flexibility;
  • Activator plate has been heat treated and then heat treat nickel plated for durability;
  • Hard chrome pinch brake roller;
  • Brake lever nyliner bearings inserted into the brake lever pivot bushing (no possibility of seizing and breaking connection rod);
  • Stainless steel connection rod;
  • Hard coated pinch brake in combination with hard coaedt brake rod for extended wear;
  • No-pinch brake lever handle grip cover;
Excalibur Corner Finisher Handles Excalibur Corner Finisher Handles
Fixed Extendable
Fixed Extendable

Excalibur Corner Finisher Handles

50" Fixed or Extendable

Excalibur Corner Roller Handles Excalibur Corner Roller Handles
Fixed Extendable
Fixed Extendable

Excalibur Corner Roller Handles

50" Fixed Handle/


Extendable Flat Box Handle are made to accommodate any drywall finishing jobs you many have.  The tube is made of heavy gauge, lightweight aluminum.
● Adjusting this handle from 39" - 63" inches in length. 
● Fits all major brand of flat box. 
● Quick slide adjustment locking lever makes adjustments quick & easy.
Rankee Short Extendable Handle (Optional Angle Ball Adapter) Rankee Short Extendable Handle (Optional Angle Ball Adapter)

Short Multi-Purpose extendable corner roller handle is built the same way as the longer drywall handles. Extends from 15” to 2 feet for the just out of reach areas. The handle has a brass threaded insert that can be used with all of the RANKEE adapters. The extendable handle can be used as an angle head handle with optional adapter.

Fits the following corner rollers: 

  • Level5 Corner Roller;
  • TapeTech Corner Roller;
  • Cinta Corner Roller;
  • Columbia Corner Roller;
  • Drywall Master Corner Roller;
  • Ames Corner Roller;
  • Finish Pro Corner Roller;
  • Precision and Tape Master Corner Roller'
  • Tape Worm Nail Spotters

The optional Angle Ball Adapter (R-0007) turns this handle into an Extendable Angle Head Handle. Coarse Thread Adapter (R-0006A) will allow you to use this pole with most sanding heads, texture brushes, knockdown knives and paint rollers.


Asgard® Tools feature an interchangeable handle system that allows one support handle to be used with the Corner Applicator, Corner Roller and Nail Spotter without additional adapters. To attach the support handles to the Angle Heads, use the CFA-AD adapter. The XH-AD extendable support handle features robust construction and its optimal diameter makes it extremely ergonomic. The XH-AD extends from 43” to 76” (106 cm to 193 cm). The D-shaped fitting securely positions the handle in the Corner Applicator to prevent the tool from rotating during use.

  • Attaches to Corner Roller, Corner Applicator, Nail Spotter and Angle Heads (with CFA-AD adapter)
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