Level 5 Extendable Box Handles

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These Level5 Extendable Box Handles have a lightweight build and short length making it perfect for finishing at sharp angles in areas like closets, ceilings, scaffolding and more. Use it in conjunction with a drywall flat box to apply a crowned, feathered coat of joint compound over taped flat joints on walls and ceilings.

The LEVEL5 short-length extendable flat box handle provides finishers the convenience and versatility needed to operate their drywall flat boxes in extremely tight areas.

The LEVEL5 medium-length extendable flat box handle is designed to be a versatile, all-around handle suitable for most drywall finishing jobs.

The LEVEL5 40” - 62” extendable flat box handle is designed to provide finishers with that extra reach needed to professionally finish high up areas such as ceilings and elevated wall joints.

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