USG Sheetrock Drywall Stilts

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USG Sheetrock Magnesium, Lightweight Professional Drywall Stilts

The All New USG Sheetrock Professional Drywall Stilts raises the standard for drywall stilts. USG Sheetrock Stilts improves the comfort and ease of use of stilts. Magnesium stilts are 33% lighter than its aluminum counterpart. These Magnesium Stilts not only are lightweight but they provide the best balance of any stilts on the market. The wide foot plate and the extra wide one-piece rubber foot sole provide for even better balance, mobility, and stability to keep you safe and comfortable on the jobsite. 

The USG Sheetrock Stilts are made with dual adjustable height bolts that are 3 sided and easy to use for improved safety and stability when adjusting the heights of the stilts. The Quick-Release clamp is convenient for quick and easy adjustments without the need for tools. The Dual Spring Action combined with Self-Locking Arch and Heel Foot Straps makes walking on the USG Sheetrock Magnesium stilts feel more natural compared to other stilts.  The oversized Heel Bracket adjust to virtually any size work boot.

The Lightweight, Magnesium Stilts include Padded, Wrap-Around Leg Straps that add even more comfortability and stability. The padded comfort pads reduce fatigue and eliminates the painful dig of nylon leg straps by creating a soft yet secure feel on your legs.  The padded wrap around straps combined with the fully adjustable 1-1/2” buckle and strap create unmatched security and comfortability you will not find in another pair of stilts. 

USG Sheetrock Magnesium, Lightweight Professional Drywall Stilts Features:

  • Made with ultra-lightweight MAGNESIUM - 33% lighter than aluminum stilts
  • Dual Adjustable Height Bolts and Quick Release Clamp for easy, quick, and secure adjustments
  • One Piece Rubber Foot Sole and Wide Footplate for extra balance and stability (classic set of soles included)
  • Dual Spring Action makes walking feel more natural
  • Adjustable Height Strut Tubes
  • Self-Locking Arch and Heel Foot Straps
  • Adjustable Heel Bracket adjust to virtually any size work boot
  • Padded Wrap-Around Leg Straps for extra comfort and cushion on you legs
  • Fully Adjustable 1-1/2” Secure Buckle and Strap
  • 235 lb max load capacity 

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