TapePro Glide Glazer

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Glider Series Glazers

The Glider Series Glazers feature new geometry, sizing and WHEELS! Using the same wheels as our Nail Spotters, these glazers GLIDE along internal 90 DEG corners providing an even coverage while feathering the edges. The Glider Glazers have a stiffer body better suited to thicker compound mixes.

Similar to straight glazers, the Gliders are designed to be used with a Corner Finisher Handle (CFH-1200, CF-XH) as a two step process: apply compound with Compound Tube or Corner Box using the AH-38 Applicator Head, then glaze with the Glider Glazer.


  • Glazes off taped internals and perfectly feathers the edges
  • Made from durable stainless steel with acetal ball socket block
  • Smooth action from glider wheels
  • Easy snap fit to Corner Finisher Handles (CFH-1200/CF-XH)
  • Available in three sizes 60mm, 80mm and 95mm

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