SilentFX Noiseproofing Putty By CertainTeed

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CertainTeed SilentFX® Noiseproofing Putty is a moldable acoustical putty pad designed to enhance the performance of acoustically rated drywall by completely sealing electrical outlet boxes, ducts, cables, etc. that could jeopardize acoustic-rated wall assemblies.

SilentFX Noiseproofing Putty adheres to common construction materials to prevent sound leakage and can assist in achieving STC ratings of 57/64 in single/double layer drywall assemblies. 


  • Material: Moldable putty
  • Colour: White
  • Packaging: 8 sheets/box
  • Size: 152 mm x 203 mm (6" x 8")
  • Weight: 1.73 g/cm3 (1 oz/in3)
  • Minimal shrinkage: will not dry out

*Individual sheets available for pick-up only @ $9.99/sheet. Please call or visit us in store.

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