Sheetrock Pole Sander with Extendable Handle

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  • NO-FLIP POLE SANDER HEAD WON'T TURN OVER WHILE SANDING - No more annoying flipping of the head
  • USG SHEET-ROCK BRAND FOR QUALITY AND DEPENDABILITY - Durable, ergonomic design made for professional drywallers and craftsmen
  • SET-SCREW IN COLLAR TO PREVENT HEAD FROM UNSCREWING - tighten the setting screw against the handle threads to keep it from turning or loosening
  • QUICK-RELEASE CLAMPS MAKE PAPER CHANGES EASY WHILE HOLDING PAPER SECURELY - Change sanding screens or paper quickly with a flip of the clips
  • This handle extends 3' -8'
  • Handmade from U.S. billet aluminum and steel components
  • Hard anodized tube

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