Rokamat Gecko Power Sander

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The GECKO telecoping drywall sander and Superpad abrasive from Rokamat of Germany give you a Level 5 finish without touchup the first time, every time. It has a floating head flexible in every direction with dust extraction through and around the head simultaneously. The adjustable angle eliminates head flop when you remove the tool from a wall or especially a ceiling. The straight side of the head sands right into the edge of walls and ceilings. New low-cost Rokamat Superpad abrasives, available separately, have hundreds of holes all over the stearated surface backed by air permeable foam that improves surface quality and keeps cool. Designed and manufactured in Germany by expert Union labor, the Rokamat Gecko has design, materials, and construction without peer. Made of a combination of metal and reinforced composites, the tool combines power, strength and light weight. A separate super torque motor drives the tool via a flexible shaft for easier handling.

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