Plug Chain Attachment

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Plug Chain Attachment made by Ripit Tool Company LLC.

Ripit Tools has developed a series of rubber plugs and adapters that will help you seal, store, and transport your automatic taping tools. This Drywall Tool Adapter Plug fits easily over the Gooseneck, Pump Filler Base or Angle Box filler tube, and prevents the mud inside from drying out. The Ripit Drywall Tool Adaptor Plug TS003 is great for breaks, cleaner transportation, and overnight storage. The TS003 will plug the Gooseneck, seal in moisture, and you will avoid the hassle of digging out hardened material each time you use your bazooka.

  • Angle Box Adapter is always moist and ready for use
  • Great for overnight storage
  • Enables clean and easy transport
  • Eliminates hardened material forming around the Gooseneck outlet
  • Avoid daily clean-up requirements

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