Level 5 Standard Flat Box Set (Handle + Pump)

Sale price$1,503.95



This LEVEL5 drywall flat box set includes everything you need to finish and feather flat joints to perfection. Whether you're new to automatic finishing tools or expanding your arsenal, these premium-grade drywall taping tools are what you need to make your finishing work more productive and profitable.


  • 10" Standard Capacity Flat Box | SKU #4-765
  • 12" Standard Capacity Flat Box | SKU #4-766
  • Compound Loading Pump (including FREE extra-long filler valve) | SKU #4-771
  • 42" FIXED Flat Box Handle OR 40" - 62" Extendable Flat Box Handle | SKU #4-780
  • LEVEL5's industry-leading, hassle-free 7 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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