Innova Tools Multi-Trowel Super Saver Set

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The InnovaTools Multi-Trowel is adjustable to almost any radius or irregular shaped surface and will save you hours while working on non-standard surfaces and shapes.

Any surface, Any Shape, Any Material
A multi-use radius adjustable trowel for infinite applications. The Multi-Trowel will save you time and money.  


Any shape or sized surface- InnovaTools’ Trowel is fully adjustable for concave, convex or even combination shapes for finishing domes, curved walls, columns, round ceilings, and other irregular surfaces in drywall, plaster, concrete, stucco, etc.

Easy Set-upSimply remove the attached Allen Wrench to loosen the adjustment screws and then fit your trowel exactly to the shape of the surface you’re working on. Retighten the screws and you’re ready to go!

Maximum RadiusWhen adjusted to maximum concave shape a radius of 8”(20cm) can be achieved. When adjusted to maximum convex shape a radius of 10”(25cm) can be achieved.

Light-weight & PracticalWeighing only 1.2lbs (0.575kg), the Multi-Trowel is very lightweight and easy to control. You can swap between blades in seconds.

Simple Cleaning & MaintenanceThe blade and all hardware is made from stainless steel and can be easily disassembled for a quick or thorough cleaning.

Built to LastStainless Steel Blade & Hardware: We make the blade out of heat treated polished stainless steel and we only use Stainless steel hardware for durability
Aluminum Alloy Arms: Linear adjustments arms are made of high-grade CNC billet aluminum
Glass Reinforced Plastic Handle: The Multi-Trowel handle is made from fiberglass reinforced plastic with a engineered internal ribbing structure to ensure rigidity. It is over-molded with comfortable rubber handle grips.

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