FibaTape Mold-X10 Drywall Joint Tape

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Product Overview

FibaTape Mold-X 10 is a self-adhesive, mold-resistant drywall tape that is ideal for use in paperless drywall systems. The anti-microbial coating repels fungus and black mold, which can affect air quality. The fiberglass mesh is thin and strong for a smooth, long-lasting joint.


  • Ideal for use with mold-resistant and paperless drywall applications
  • Anti-microbial properties protect joints from mold & mildew growth in high humidity environments
  • Scores a perfect "10" on ASTM D3273 mold test (standard test method for resistance to growth of mold on interior coatings)
  • Self-adhesive mesh saves time by eliminating the need for a pre-bedding coat
  • Open-mesh design eliminates blisters and bubbles commonly found with paper drywall tapes
  • Tough fiberglass mesh increases joint strength and structural integrity of wall system


  • Paperless drywall
  • Mold-resistant drywall systems
  • High humidity areas
  • Drywall joints

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