DeWALT Welded Stainless Steel Joint Knife Set

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This 3-piece DEWALT drywall joint knife set includes 4", 5" and 6" drywall joint knives. Bonus: Shrink Fit Handle Sleeves.

DEWALT one-piece stainless steel joint knives are lightweight and extremely comfortable in the hand. They feature a patent-pending, full-length internal tang that has been robotically-welded at three points of contact for extreme durability. Their one-piece stainless steel construction and mirror-polished seams ensure easy cleanup while their ergonomically-designed handle ensures all-day comfort on the jobsite. DEWALT One-Piece Stainless Steel Joint Knives feature a hollow-grind which provides a proper flex point midway up the blade (versus near the handle). Their outstanding feel provides for fast application rates, optimum blade control and a smoother finish.

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