Can Am Inside Corner Roller

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Inside Corner Rollers embed tape before wiping excess mud with a Finisher – a necessity to creating a professionally finished angle with a crisp, clean 90° finish. The one-piece aluminum chassis is powder-coat finished to make the Roller easy to clean, and long lasting. Using a Corner Roller helps by aligning tape, reducing air bubbles under paper tape, and saving you tool wear on any Corner Finisher that follows. Each roller head fits both our fixed length and extendable handles.


The premium Corner Roller for embedding paper tape. Four solid stainless steel wheels roll smoothly to create a the ultimate, professional look and finish.


A lightweight Corner Roller that is best suited for use with mesh tape. Four smooth rolling non-slip rubber wheels roll and lightly grip mesh to create a crisp, clean corner, without tearing through the fibres.


A lightweight Corner Roller with wheels sleeved in durable stainless steel. Used to embed paper tape, the wheels roll smoothly along the inside corner to create a crisp, clean corner.

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