Can Am Nycor Finisher Combo Sets

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Can Am Nycor Finisher Combo Sets

2.5" + 3.0" Combo Set

3.0" + 3.5" Combo Set

2.5" + 3.0" + 3.5" Combo Set


The NyCor Finisher represents years of development by the dedicated team at Can-Am Tool Corp.  CanAm’s world-renowned corner finishing experience is now available for a fraction of the cost.  NyCor Finishers feature the following innovations:

  • Uniform Body – Sculpted from uninterrupted Nylon, this design stands alone in its class.  No screws, no springs, just Nylon mastery.
  • Nylon 6 – Selected after rigorous testing for smooth gliding and the familiar springiness of CanAm flushers.
  • Precision Feathering Tabs – Reproduces CanAm’s iconic trade secret for a best-in-class, dependable finish.
  • Springless Socket – Hear the famous CanAm *click* as the flusher is secured onto a handle or compound tube for standard or direct applications.
  • Wave Spring Technology – Patented design ensures just the right amount of stiffness across the entire finisher to create a uniform finish.

NyCor Finishers are great for beginners and professionals alike:

  • For those that have always wanted to try CanAm Corner Finishers, NyCor requires minimal investment for similar performance.
  • For the veteran, NyCor can be used on the toughest of jobs to preserve the life of your expensive tools
  • There is no better corner finisher for training your team!

Tip: To maintain a consistent finish, be sure to replace your NyCor Finisher when the edges are worn!

  • The 2.5" Nycor Finisher is ideal for your 1st/Taping Coat
  • The 3" Nycor Finisher is ideal for either your 2nd or Finishing Coat
  • The 3.5", appearing in Electric Blue, this is one of the world’s most popular corner finisher sizes, perfect for finishing coats (2nd or 3rd coat)

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