30oz B-Line Manual Mortar and Grout Gun w/ 12:1 Drive


Sale price$77.50


  • B-Line 30oz/Quart capacity Mortar Gun with smooth and efficient 12:1 ratio drive
  • For no-mess brick & stone pointing
  • Quickly load and dispense Mortar or Grout efficiently
  • Material is troweled or poured into reusable tube for dispensing
  • Convenient rotating swivel carriage for pointing around corners
  • Easily disassembles for cleaning and storage
  • Adjustable plunger for no leak dispensing
  • The legendary double gripping plates and steel trigger means increased durability.
  • Full size handle for comfortable, efficient dispensing
  • Kit includes 1126-6 Loading Barrel, one 1126-1 Mortar nozzle, one 1126-2 Grout nozzle and a Mixer

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