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Drywall Master Flat Finishing Boxes Drywall Master Flat Finishing Boxes
7" 10" 12" 14" 5.5" Specialty Box
7" 10" 12" 14" 5.5" Specialty Box

Flat Finishing Boxes apply mud over taped joints on walls and ceilings. These boxes are made of superior-quality, long-wearing alloys and will last a long time. Use the 7” size for your bed coat, 10” box for your finishing coat, and 12” box for the skim coat. A single, interchangeable handle can be used with all three boxes (also interchangeable with all the major brands). Fill the boxes with the loading pump and filler adapter to minimize time and mess.


  • Only standard size flat finishers to still use the original stainless steel tie rod design.
  • Highest level of interchangeability for easy access to parts.
  • Quick release door latch for ease of cleaning.
  • Finished with the highest quality anodized aluminum to withstand wear from jobsite elements.
  • 5″, 7″, 10″, 12″, 14″
Drywall Master Hero Extendable Accessory Handles

Designed to work with all of our accessory tools from corner applicator, corner finisher, corner roller, and nail spotter. Available in a variety of styles to suit your preference.

  • Lightweight 1-1/4″ tubing design. Thicker than competitor brands, reducing flex when extended.
  • Extends from 38″ to 60″
  • Available for Corner Applicator, Corner Finisher, Corner Roller, and Nail Spotter
$1,658.34 $1,950.99

(Drywall) Master of Mudding, I'm pulling your tape
Mixing your mud and sealing your fate

This rockin' Drywall "Master of Puppets" Set has everything you need to mix, seal & finish those walls & ceilings! The set includes:

  • Drywall Master 10" & 12" Flat Boxes
  • Drywall Master Mud Pump With Filler Adapter
  • Gladiator Flat Box Extendable Handle
  • DeWALT DW130V Mixing Drill
  • Sheetrock 30" Mixing Paddle
$2,739.55 $3,223.00

The Drywall Master Starter/Finish Set includes:

  • Mud Pump with Filler
  • 10" & 12" Flat Box
  • Extendable Box Handle
  • 3" Angle Head
  • Extendable Angle Head Handle
  • 8" Corner Applicator & Extendable Handle
  • Inside Corner Roller & Extendable Handle
  • Bonus T-Shirt
$395.00 $460.00
Loading Pumps further increase the efficiency and profitability of our automatic tools by allowing you to quickly and cleanly refill them. The loading pump nearly eliminates downtime to load your tools and to clean up spilled mud at the end of the day. Hang the tube into a bucket of mud, place the leg on the ground, prime the pump by pumping the handle several times, and you’re ready to fill your tool. 
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