ToolPro 5-Pack 9" Drywall Sanding Pads

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ToolPro Sanding Pads are manufactured to OEM specifications, providing a superior finish and longer life. Our proprietary thermo-adhesive bonding of sandpaper to foam produces a uniform sanding surface that eliminates the buildup of dust on the Sanding Pad that can impact the finish. The concentric design means no vibration and the finest gluing technique means the paper will not delaminate from the foam backing like so many others.
  • Designed to work with all power sanders as well as all nominal 9 in. (225 mm) round hand sanders including porter cable, flex and aleko
  • Available in 80, 100, 150 & 180 Grit
  • Made with the highest quality anti-clog aluminum oxide grit for longer disc life, higher removal rate and consistent surface finish
  • Great for cleanup of residue and blemishes

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