NorthStar FASTAR Clean Loading Pump

Sale price$550.00



    • New Billet aluminum leg (anodized and laser marked) with stainless steel chain holder;
    • New color candy apple green and pewter silver;
    • New updated link powder coated steel with locking bolt design;
    • Centreless ground stainless steel pump shaft for straightness and precision seal;
    • High volume pump;
    • Fits in a standard bucket
    • Constructed from stainless steel and high quality alloy components for a longer life;
    • Removable barrel for easy cleaning;
    • Quick Release for easy cleaning;
    • Surface coat for extra protection and longer life;
    • Filter screen at base to prevent contamination of compound;
    • Barrel is a one piece CNC machined (barrel and collar);
    • Removable foot valve for easy cleaning and screen replacement.

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