Crown 6 C.F. Electric Mortar Mixer

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Mixers designed by professionals, built for professionals. Crown mixers have built a reputation within the market for being the most dependable and safest mixers. Crown Mixers have all the features you demand and the quality you expect, in order to increase productivity and reduce routine maintenance. 
  • Engine: 1.5 HP Electric


Capacity Bag

2 - 2 1/2
Cubic Feet 6
Overall Height 55"
Overall Width 45"
Charging Height 57.5"
Overall Length (Tow pole In/Out) 75" / 94.5"
Tires (Pneumatic) 5.3 x 12
Spiral Blade Option Yes
Weight - Max lbs 650
Highway towable Yes


Crown Mortar Mixer Brochure 

Please be advised in regards to shipping on this item: 

  • Shipping is available in Canada for a flat rate of $250.00, mixer will be sent to the nearest shipping depot to your location and will be available for pick up from there. 
  • Residential shipping is not available for this item


    For inquires about USED Mortar Mixers, please call our warehouse manager (Andre) at (780) 901-1645

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