Can Am Black Edition Goldcor + Nycor Professional Tool Set

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Can Am GoldCor + Nycor Professional Tool Kit


Get a bonus 2.5", 3" & 3.5" Nycor Flushers, 6" Nycor Finisher Handle & a bonus Barts Taping Tool T-shirt

CanAm’s most popular kit is now fully loaded! 

Capture enormous time savings with CanAm’s signature quality and consistency. This kit is a great solution for beginner and veteran tapers alike.  For hand tapers, these tools are very intuitive, and once mastered, you’ll finish with speed and precision.  For automatic tapers, this kit will nicely augment your arsenal of tools, offering a quick-start to the job with much less cleaning and maintenance required, and at a much lower investment!


  • A300 – 42″ Applicator Tube
  • B200-RR – 3.0″ Roller Glide Corner Finisher
  • B400-RR – 3.5″ Roller Glide Corner Finisher
  • D400 – 3′6″ – 6′ Extendable Flusher Handle
  • D500 – 3′6″ – 6′ Extendable Roller Handle
  • E1200 – Inside GoldCor Corner Applicator
  • F100 – Outside Corner Applicator
  • G200 – Flat Applicator
  • J201 – Heavy Duty Inside Corner Roller
  • K101 – Bead Roller
  • P1700 – Black Rugged Tool Case


  • C9100 - 2.5" Nycor FLusher
  • C9200 - 3" Nycor Flusher
  • C9400 - 3.5" Nycor Flusher
  • D9100 - Nycor 6" Finisher Handle
  • Barts Taping Tools White T-shirt

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