Drywall Master Loading Pump


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  • Compatible design + Interchangeable Parts
  • Fiberglass Handle
  • Quality Made in the USA (parts and assembly)

Pump Accessories:

  • Pump Filler Adapter – #03DMPA
  • Gooseneck – #04DMPA


The Loading Pump, with appropriate accessories (Gooseneck and/or Filler Adapter (sold Separately)), is used to fill the following tools: Automatic Taper, Corner Applicator/Corner Box, Nail Spotter, and Flat Box. Attach the Gooseneck to fill the Automatic Taper. Attach the Filler Adapter to fill the Nail Spotter, Corner Applicator, and Flat Box. Simply hang the tube of Loading Pump into a bucket of mud, leaving the leg of the Pump on the floor. Attach the appropriate accessory to the pump. Prime the Pump by pumping the handle a couple of times. Now you should be ready to fill your tool.