Columbia Flat Finisher 10″ Box (10FFB)


**Prices are subject to change. Please visit store or call to confirm availability and pricing.


Need a larger, stronger box with greater mud capacity for loading flats and butts? We are proud to meet your needs with the Fat Boy Boxes. Available in 8”,10” and 12”sizes these boxes really go the extra mile. Fat Boy’s holds approximately 40% more compound than standard boxes. Saving you many trips to the pump.


Free floating brass bar reaches into corners without leaving
flags. Handle mounting screws are higher on the box door
for an easy push. Extremely durable extruded frame for
decades of use. New and improved “No Swell” gaskets for
use with most solvents and lubricants. The moving axle allows better control.

Springs not required! Our hinged door design allows for quick cleaning, and the ability to run with or without door springs. Use one spring, two springs or no springs at all!


“Crowns the Joint” Distributes joint compound
evenly in correct amounts over horizontal joints. Fat Boy Boxes are designed to hold more mud than Flat Finisher Boxes.

Available in the following sizes: 8″, 10″, and 12″