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The NEW Predator Tactical Set makes moving to Automatic Taping Tools easy and includes the upgrade of the Columbia Predator Carbon Fibre Automatic Taper! Every taping tool you will need to completely finish a house comes packaged inside our durable, rugged Road Case. This set takes the guess work out of choosing the perfect drywall taping tools kit.

Note: Columbia Automatic boxes do not fit in Road Case.


  • Road Case
  • Predator Automatic Taper
  • 10" Flat Box
  • 12" Flat Box
  • Matrix Handle
  • 7" Tomahawk
  • 24" Tomahawk
  • 8" Throttle Box
  • 3" Anglehead
  • Hot Mud Pump
  • Box Filler & Gooseneck
  • Corner Roller
  • AHA
  • 3" Nail Spotter
  • Columbia One Handle and Columbia One EXT
  • Sander Head
  • Twist Lock Handle
  • Tomalock Adapter
  • Repair Kits: AH-RK, FFBR9-10, FFBR9-12, FFBR7-7A, CTR-1
TapeTech EasyClean Finishing Box TapeTech EasyClean Finishing Box
7" 10" 12" 15"
7" 10" 12" 15"

For a limited time, save $55.00 on the EasyClean 10" Box.

*While quantities last.

The TapeTech EasyClean Finishing Box automatically dispenses the proper amount of joint compound and feathers the edges of butt joints and flat joints in one pass. The EasyClean Finishing Box helps produce professional results every time. The adjustable crown setting dial allows the user to easily adjust the amount of joint compound applied over the tape on the drywall joint. This is very helpful when progressing from the first finishing application to the second or third application. The pivoting axle helps to compensate when the drywall or sheetrock on one side of the joint is higher than the other side of the joint.

  • Applies first coat of joint compound to embed tape at butt joints and flat joints on walls and ceilings
  • Finishes butt joints and flat joints on walls and ceilings
  • Feathers edges of butt joints and flat joints
  • Anodized Aluminum Box
  • Adjustable Crown Control
  • Solid Brass Blade Holder
  • Hardened Steel Blade
  • Pivoting Axle
$1,299.00 $1,399.00

This LEVEL5 Automatic Drywall Taper is used to simultaneously apply the optimal amount of joint compound and tape to wall and ceiling joints. It significantly increases drywall taping efficiency by applying the first bed of mud and tape in one pass.


  • Quickly apply your first bed of mud and tape in one pass.
  • “Quick-Clean" head makes cleaning your LEVEL5 automatic taper easier than ever.
  • One simple thumb screw makes popping the taper's cover plate a breeze.
  • Premium quality precision-machined materials.
  • Many parts that are subject to wear are also compatible with other major brands.
  • High quality anodizing prevents corrosion and provides easy cleaning.
  • Unique urethane cup seal will ensure this tool works well for years.
$279.00 $299.00

No Partner? No Problem! The Hercule 42-60 will help you install the top sheets of drywall on the wall if your partner decided they would rather sleep than work.


$575.00 $697.99

The Excalibur "Get Shorty" Special includes:

  • 10" flat box
  • 12" flat box
  • Shorty Box Handle

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$964.00 $1,089.00

Can Am Compact Tool Kit NOW in GoldCor Edition!

Perfect for finishing closets and confined spaces.
Exclusive 2’6″ – 4′ Extendable Handles.
Works where long tools don’t fit.
Gets small jobs done quick.
Great for general contractors.

  • A200 – 32″ Applicator Tube
  • B100-RR – 2.5″ Roller Glide Corner Finisher
  • B200-RR – 3.0″ Roller Glide Corner Finisher
  • D800 – 2′6″ – 4′ Extendable Flusher Handle
  • D900 – 2′6″ – 4′ Extendable Roller Handle
  • E1200 – GoldCor Dual-Purpose Inside Applicator
  • G200 – Flat Applicator
  • J401 – Inside Corner Roller Light Edition
  • P500 – Black & Gold GoldCor Traveler Tool Case
$1,241.44 $1,389.00
Can-Am's most popular professional kit, now in a GoldCor Edition!
  • A300 – 42″ Applicator Tube
  • B100-RR – 2.5″ Roller Glide Corner Finisher
  • B200-RR – 3.0″ Roller Glide Corner Finisher
  • D400 – 3′6″ – 6′ Extendable Flusher Handle
  • D500 – 3′6″ – 6′ Extendable Roller Handle
  • E1200 – GoldCor Dual-Purpose Inside Applicator
  • F100 – Outside Corner Applicator
  • G200 – Flat Applicator
  • J201 – Heavy Duty Inside Corner Roller
  • K101 – Outside Bead Roller
  • P700 – Black & Gold Rugged Tool Case
  • BONUS! Free Black Long Sleeve Shirt.
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