Tape In Mud - Drywall Tape Alternative

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Liagle Tape In Mud

Fibre Reinforcement Additives For Drywall joint Compound

Tape In Mud™ - A fiber reinforcement solution of tapeless drywall finishing - Finish drywall without tape. Instead of applying tapes to the joints, we mix fibres in the taping mud and apply the fibre reinforced mud - tapeless mud to the joints directly.  The fibres cross link to each other and form a 3D structural mat like Fibafuse Paperless Drywall Tape in the mud. It gives the mud enough tensile strength and flexibility to resist cracks caused by plastic shrinkage, building shifting, moisture and temperature changes or poor boarding workmanship. The joints are welded by the tapeless mud. 

By skipping the taping process, finish only one side of the inside corner with a gap and don’t need to spreading the butt joints, it can save about 40% of labour time and it is easy to use for beginners and DIYERS. 

Tape In Mud is a combination of polyacrylonitrile fibre, polyester fibre, and cellulose wood fibres in different lengths.

The joints finished with Tape In Mud™ are much stronger than finished with drywall tape and taping mud.

Liagle tapeless drywall finishing - Tape In Mud™ is a game changer of the drywall finishing industry.


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