Can Am Ultra Light Inside Corner Roller

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CanAm’s Ultralight Roller is now supercharged!  We’ve kept the features you loved while adding 3 new features to make your work easier:

    • Roll It Your Way - first-of-its-kind removable end caps
      • ON - minimize mess and and protect from floor debris
      • OFF - quicker cleaning and roll further into 3-ways
  • 56% Wider Flanges - for mud containment
  • No-Mess Swivel Cover - keeps the mud where it belongs

  • And here are the features you’ve always loved:

    • Maximum Comfort  - 32% lighter than our Heavy Duty Roller
    • Quicker Cleaning - 63% more space around wheels than our Heavy Duty Roller
    • Press-Fit and Precision Machined Wheels - stainless steel for longevity and crisp corners, and a lightweight core formulated for lifelong lubrication

    Fixtured to a heavy gauge aluminum frame, this roller is designed to last just like every CanAm tool.  And as always, CanAm stands firmly behind its Lifetime Performance Policy.

    And if you love the ease of cleaning, but want some extra weight to firmly embed your tape, you can always substitute our Heavy Duty Wheels.

    For those new to the trade, you may be asking, “Why use a roller?”  Here’s why:

    • Improve Workmanship - gain a reputation for quality taping
    • Peace of Mind - eliminate air bubbles that may lift tape later
    • Longer Tool Life - embedded tape is less abrasive on Corner Finishers

    If you love the roller, you’ll also love our Roller Handles–built to perform together.

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