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The LEVEL5 drywall gooseneck is a curved tube that attaches to a compound pump. It is used for filling automatic tapers and corner applicators. LEVEL5’s gooseneck is manufactured from premium grade stainless steel for extreme durability. It is compatible with compound pumps made by most major brands.


  • Premium stainless steel construction
  • Machined mounting flange enables for a precision fit to the compound pump
  • Taper mount wrapped with vinyl sleeves to protect the finish on the taper tube
  • Integrated foot for stability
  • Compatible with automatic tapers and compound pumps from most leading brands

Cutter Block and Chain Assembly for Columbia Automatic Tapers

  • 2 - CT43 Micro Chain
  • 1 - CT41 Knife Retainer Block
  • 1 - CT41A Knife Retainer Cap
  • 1 - CT42A Blade
  • 1 - CT39 Knife Return Spring
  • 1 - CT40 Return Spring Ring
  • 1 - FA203 1/16" x 3/4" Cotter Pin
  • 2 - FA200 1/16" x 1/4" Split Pin
$279.00 $299.00

No Partner? No Problem! The Hercule 42-60 will help you install the top sheets of drywall on the wall if your partner decided they would rather sleep than work.



The Anglehead Adaptor is used on the Columbia One Handle System to seamlessly adjust from Corner Roller and Nailspotter to Anglehead! The AHA is purchased separately.


  • Works seamlessly with the Columbia One Handle System
  • Hand made from U.S. billet aluminum and steel components
  • Machined in Columbia's state of the art facility in Canada
Nela Black Edition Replacement Blades Nela Black Edition Replacement Blades
6" 10" 16" 20" 24" 31.5" 39.5" 47.2"
6" 10" 16" 20" 24" 31.5" 39.5" 47.2"
Replacement blades only. 2 blades per pack.
$550.00 $698.00
The TapeTech Automatic Taper Extension adds 76 cm to your 07TT EasyClean® Automatic Taper. With nearly 60% more length compared to the Taper alone, you’ll easily reach joints up to 3.6 m high without the need to invest in a dedicated, extra-long taper that is only used occasionally. The Automatic Taper Extension connects quickly and easily to the automatic taper and requires no tools. The extension provides its own control tube for advancing and cutting the paper tape as well as an independent creaser wheel control lever.
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